The Return Of Tori Black Part 2

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Tori Black returns in part 2 of this 4 part series! In her pre-scene interview, Tori reveals what has kept her busy for the last 6 years and explains just how important the adult industry still is to her. Tori is then joined by superstar Lana Rhoades for a sensual lesbian pairing complete with deep kissing and body exploration. Once their connection is established, intense anal play and hardcore orgasms are ultimately shared. Captured straight through without a cut, this is unscripted and authentic lesbian sex at its finest!

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Naughty Rich Girls

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Pretty little rich girl Lana Rhoades is so damn spoiled she can’t do anything for herself, even getting laid! She orders her personal assistant Van to get her something to drink, but she still isn’t completely satisfied. So, Lana takes it upon herself to drag Van onto the couch and sit on his face! Get paid to get laid? Fuck yeah! Lana pulls Van’s big dick out of his shorts and sucks it until it’s good and hard for her to ride, then fucks him silly, her big natural tits bouncing in ecstasy. Her beautiful rich-girl ass jiggles when she orders her personal assistant to pound her from behind. You won’t believe it, but this chick even lets him blow his load all over her face! It must be good for her pores.

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Stealing Her Phone

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Jesse Jones has the hots for his new stepsister, the beautiful and busty Lana Rhoades. He spies on her while she takes sexy selfies of herself in her bra and panties. But when Lana leaves her phone unattended, Jesse sees this as the perfect opportunity to get her attention! Jesse sneaks into Lana’s bedroom and takes her phone to jack off to her big, natural tits! When Lana comes back looking for her phone, she catches him in the act of jerking himself off! Lana decides to get even, by sucking and fucking her stepbrother’s big cock, that is! After all, gorgeous Lana is a horny slut who can’t start her day right without getting her brains fucked out!

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I Had Sex With My Boss

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Lana Rhoades had recently moved to LA from Ohio and got a job as a PA to a famous French actor. She finds him charming and has a really big crush on him. When he leaves for a meeting, she’s left to clear up his office. It’s a really hot day and she decides to take a dip in his pool to cool off. Knowing this is completely unprofessional, she’s feeling adventurous and takes the risk. When he comes back unannounced and finds her swimming naked, she’s so shocked, but when he joins her in the pool, she knows exactly where this is heading…

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Neglected Lana Rhoades Gets Fucked By An Intruder

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Lana Rhoades keeps getting ignored by her busy man and has had about enough. While she’s texting her friends about this BS, an intruder breaks into the house and finds this sexy ass right in front of him. As he grabs her, he notices that she doesn’t freak out and better yet that she’s smiling, maybe because she finally gets some excitement in her life. Lana bends over more and lets the guy touch her all over, he even got to lick her pussy and got a blowjob. This lucky guy got more than what he wanted. She takes him to the room as she tells her busy boyfriend that she’s going to nap. Here is where we see this sexually frustrated girl go wild, she fucks the guy hard in various positions until they both get to cum. Make sure to watch this pretty girl take a load in her mouth and face after all her hard work!

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