Fitness Finesse

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When it’s just the two of you alone in the studio, staring seductively into the camera can soon turn to seducing the photographer! Model Lana Rhoades offers photographer Ricky a stunning subject as she drops to her knees and takes his cock into her mouth for a sensual blow job, treating him to sizzling dirty talk that’s not for the camera but just for him. Soon Ricky is no longer in the role of observer but a full participant, licking Lana’s pussy before making her moan with his big cock, starting off slow and sensual before their fucking turns fast and passionate! Once Ricky gives Lana what she wants, cumming all over her gorgeous face, the model grabs his camera and turns it on the photographer, giggling, The subject becomes the master!

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4 thoughts on “Fitness Finesse”

  1. I’m interested I’m only 18 I never had sex before I’m a guy being a pornstar is a dream but I’m scared to have my fave shown

  2. I love u Lana
    I want sex with you
    Please never stop to do that, I am biggest fan of your ass and beauty
    So so sexy

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