My Secret Sex Life

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Balancing her secret life and her married life is completely natural to Lana Rhoades now. The key is not thinking about the other side when she is enjoying the moment but even though she is able to do this, her husband isn’t. Lana and her man are away on a weekend trip when he has to leave unexpectedly, but Lana is still going to enjoy her time one way or another… and she’s not doing it alone.

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Fitness Finesse

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When it’s just the two of you alone in the studio, staring seductively into the camera can soon turn to seducing the photographer! Model Lana Rhoades offers photographer Ricky a stunning subject as she drops to her knees and takes his cock into her mouth for a sensual blow job, treating him to sizzling dirty talk that’s not for the camera but just for him. Soon Ricky is no longer in the role of observer but a full participant, licking Lana’s pussy before making her moan with his big cock, starting off slow and sensual before their fucking turns fast and passionate! Once Ricky gives Lana what she wants, cumming all over her gorgeous face, the model grabs his camera and turns it on the photographer, giggling, The subject becomes the master!

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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

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A few months ago, Lana Rhoades hated how her husband’s new promotion kept him away from her, but now she couldn’t be happier. Weekends and nights, she was the perfect wife, but weekdays are all hers. After her experience with Jason, she has been opened up to a whole new world, and nothing is stopping her. Whenever the mood takes her, she goes along with it. Every day is a new adventure and she can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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Lana Rhoades Unleashed Part 3

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Part three of Lana Rhoades Unleashed features the budding superstar taking on the massively endowed Mandingo for her very first time. Watch Lana in multiple anal positions, including ATM’s and ATP, exploring BBC like she’s never done before. This is intense interracial anal at its finest. Do not miss this latest release!

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Lana Rhodes takes it to the next level

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Gorgeous Lana Rhoades is here to seduce a tutor into fucking her with his big black cock! Lana was told by some friends at her college that this particular tutor was hung like a mule. Intrigued, Lana convinced her parents that she desperately needed help with her school work. Once Lana had Mr Tutor in her house, she began to seduce him by telling him that she knew he had a massive cock and that she wanted to try. At first he played shy, but nobody can resist a hot college girl trying to get the D. Needless to say, Lana took the cock like a champ, she enjoyed every second of it and was left completely satisfied!

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My GF Likes his Big Black Cock a Little Too Much

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Lana Rhoades has been dating her boyfriend for just over a year. There’s just one problem, he gambles, a lot. Whether it’s pool or poker, he’s always taking the chance, and usually losing. When he’s beaten at pool by a big time gambler, Mr Wallace, it leaves Lana in a much larger predicament… She would be the prize if her boyfriend didn’t come up with the goods. As she’s led to the bedroom, Lana’s so excited about the idea of being dominated by this sexy, powerful man. This gamble has paid off for her, as she’s about to experience the best sex of her life!

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